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Phillip Phillip Woods' journey started when he was a small child visiting his grandparent's farm in Southeast Texas. His job on most summer vacations was to keep the critters out of their vegetable farm which was his grandparent's main source of income. As years progressed, he and his friends began helping rice farmers in Arkansas with nuisance beavers.

As all things progress, he went into business for himself before transitioning into the manufacturing sector as Director of Sales and Marketing for the western United States. During this time, he never stopped helping friends and neighbors with nuisance and predator control. This has been a lifelong adventure. Recently making the decision to leave corporate America, he is returning to his passion.

Phillip is trustworthy, dependable, and timely in his actions. He works with integrity and is compassionate for others. He stands firm to his word and guarantees that he will follow through with his commitments. Phillip strongly believes in following up, staying in contact with and being there for his client no matter the circumstance.

Phillip lives in Woodville, Texas with his wife, Stacy, and enjoys working his cattle and spending time with his three children and two grandchildren.

Some of the predators we can help with include....

An abundant livestock predator, coyotes are known to prey on your livestock, poultry and domestic animals. Read More

Bobcat attacks on humans are rare unless rabid but have been known to attack livestock, poultry and domestic animals.

Beavers have the ability to alter your environment by building dams causing flooding, gnawing on trees or crops and degrading or destabilizing banks and levees through burrowing.

Racoons are pests. They will feed on your crops damaging gardens, raid your chicken coop, or even try to inhabit your home.

We'll also help with other wildlife such a possums.


"I was having a major beaver problem at my ranch, so I called Mr. Woods and he showed up the next morning. We caught all 5 beavers in 2 days. Mr. Woods was very respectful of my cattle and all the entrances and exits on my place. I highly recommend his services. Very trustworthy"...... LBW Ranch


"March 30, 2022...
To Whom it may concern:
We hired Mr. Phillip Woods on Novermber 7, 2021 to take care of the beaver problem we had been battling for many, many years. At the time, we were dealing with active tree destruction, overflow of ponds that were degrading banks and destruction of land from underground tunnels. Mr. Woods came out to our property and thoroughly assessed the situation to include safety of our cattle that occupied the area and offered a plan and a time line.

Within the week, Mr. Woods had assessed that the beavers were gone. It is now the end of March and there are still no signs of any beavers in our ponds.

I highly recommend Mr. Woods for any job involving the trapping of beavers as I feel he was very knowledgeable and professional in his work. Sincerely"
...... Ken Dickens

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